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Batteries are a critical component of the electrical infrastructure to ensure that your operations never have to face a downtime even in cases power outages. Battery Chargers ensure that the batteries are ready to deliver the energy needs for your operations.

Backed with more than 20 years of experience HBL offers highly reliable industrial grade battery chargers for wide ranging applications including Telecom, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Process Engineering and Transportation.

Combining the performance and accuracy of Microprocessors with the reliability of SCR Power conversion, HBL battery chargers are the preferred choice for demanding customers. HBL Chargers are compliant to UL 1012/1564 and are seismic qualified.

HBL Chargers come with a wide range of standard and optional features to customize your chargers to suit individual application requirements. This combined with unrivalled warranty and ease of installation and maintenance gives you the best Total Cost of Ownership.