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Oil & Gas

Despite the quest for a carbon-free future, oil and gas still remain key energy sources in the world economy. Upstream or downstream operations demand high reliability of power sources for safety, plant operations, well telemetry and communications, to name a few. Power is required not only for onshore and offshore operations, but also for life safety systems and environmental protection.

Power outages or minor deviations in the power supply of process chain control systems can lead to serious environmental hazards and financial impact. Oil and Gas processing plants rely heavily on customized uninterruptible power supplies to support each stage in the extraction, refining, transportation and distribution processes. Whether it is onboard an FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico, in Saudi Arabia or in a remote Kuwaiti field, HBL equipment is supporting oil and gas operations 24/7.

HBL power electronics and batteries offer dependable, critical back up power in some of the world’s harshest environments and with the most demanding customers. HBL systems are deployed protecting your businesses, employees, and the environment.

HBL complies with project specifications and project time lines to support the demands of the oil and gas industry. HBL can customize designs to meet individual customer demands – rather than ask to compromise on specifications. HBL engineers are experienced in assisting oil and gas users from the field and refineries of the Middle East to the Gulf of Mexico.

HBL stands ready to work alongside your engineering teams to design, manufacture and support world class power systems and batteries wherever you require them.