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Utility Power Plants

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Utility and Power Plants

Reliability and continuity of energy is critical in today’s world – switchgear in the grid ensures control of transmission and distribution of energy. SCADA ensures the utility can manage the grid and generators supply the demand for energy. Batteries provide support for all of these assets – reclosing energy for circuit breakers, back-up for SCADA and telecom transmission in a station blackout and critical lubrication pump power and system control in a power plant.

HBL offers a wide range of backup batteries for utility customers – with experience in sizing and designing the most reliable batteries and battery chargers for utilities across America and across the world. We would be pleased to assist you with battery sizing, application advice and delivery of VRLA, Flooded lead or nickel cadmium batteries designed for you.

We offer batteries and chargers that are fully qualified and certified to survive seismic events if your location demands it.