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Rail operators today are expected to operate more efficiently, to serve a growing number of customers, improve safety and service reliability – and meet increasing passenger needs.

New technologies can help achieve the capacity and safety goals of the railway – but they must be highly secure, deliverable at a reasonable cost and serviced by locally knowledgeable companies. Longevity of the solution– to manage obsolescence of the technical solution - and interoperability add other dimensions that railway operators care about deeply. Railways have very long life cycles and high capital costs – long term decisions rely on suppliers being around to support their customers!

HBL has worked directly with the national rail operator of India to develop, test and deliver key safety and trackside engineered solutions over many years. Our products have achieved SIL4 certification and have been tailored to our customer’s needs- as they helped define them.

HBL offers two key products, namely the Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), and the Train Management System (TMS). In addition we design and manufacture power and trackside equipment that form a complete suite for the rail operator. Our portfolio of equipment includes integrated power supply systems, Data loggers, rectifier/battery assemblies for traction substations. HBL enjoys a preferred supplier status with the Indian Railways and several metro rail operators.

HBL offers a comprehensive design and build competence should you need customised electronics or solutions to replace now obsolete equipment from other suppliers.

Our team is constantly working on new developments and technologies. Our customers in the rail and transport industry therefore always rely on our world class modern products that meet both quality standards and individual needs. HBL offers numerous ISO and customer specific approvals.