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UPS Batteries

Uninterruptible Power Systems are the last lines of defence for many critical power installations when the utility power fails or experience a brown out. In hospitals, banks, datacentres, industrial plants and many other sites UPS is backing up the facility – and the battery installed there is backing up the UPS. In a power outage the UPS is only as good as the battery behind it. Careful selection of the battery will ensure your electrical systems are protected and your key data and processes are safe.

HBL designs, tests and manufactures batteries specifically designed for UPS applications’ – ensuring total reliability, long life and performance.

We offer pure lead VRLA batteries for short run time UPS – up to 15 minutes – the pure lead battery ensures the smallest footprint, the longest life and the fastest recharge to get your system operational again.

Our UL recognised 2V VRLA and Optimuz line of VRLA are ideal for longer run times and larger UPS. These batteries can support the largest loads – and with an integral horizontal mounting rack we minimise the costly floor space required for the batteries.

Where harsh environments demand the ultimate in reliability we offer our valve regulated nickel cadmium batteries. Used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry in onshore and offshore installations, the nickel cadmium battery offers the ultimate in security for the UPS.