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Reserve batteries

Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries are used in fuses of various weapon.

They can be stored for more than 20 years prior activation.

HBL Reserve Batteries are hermetically sealed and designed to withstand high setback shock (up-to 50000 ‘g’s) and spin (up-to 30000 rpm) to which the munitions are subjected during combat, and still supply power with utmost reliability to the electronic circuitry in the munitions. These Reserve Batteries are designed to function consistently over a temperature range of -450C to +710C.

HBL has developed several models of Lithium and Lead Reserve Batteries for powering electronic circuitry in fuzes of Projectile shells, Mortars, Guns…. Our Reserve Battery Division has a highly skilled work force and facilities for designing, developing manufacturing, prototype testing & battery qualification in accordance with MIL standards.