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Nickel Cadmium Batteries for Trackside Rail Applications

Designed specifically for the US railroad customer - the HRL range of nickel cadmium batteries delivers the rugged reliability expected by the railroad industry. For signaling and communications trackside applications in any climate – HBL HRL batteries are a perfect choice.

Tolerant of extremes of temperature the HRL survives where lead acid batteries require regular change out. Remote signaling sites, grade crossings, communications towers, and PV powered locations can be supported by the HRL battery.

HRL C&S batteries support railwaroad companies ongoing initiatives to reduce their overall spend, while still maintaining the exceptional advantages of the nickel cadmium battery.

  • Communications
  • Signals
  • Flashers
  • Highway Grade Crossings
  • Emergency power backup
  • PV sites


  • No of models: 12
  • 80Ah to 420Ah


  • Long service life (20+ years float life @ 20⁰C)
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Carrying handles available
  • Resistance to mechanical, environmental, and electrical extremes
  • Operation in both hot & cold climactic regions
  • Fast charging & optimal cycling
  • Compatible with all charging equipment types