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HBL Power Systems Ltd is an Indian engineering company listed on Indian stock exchanges. We have been in business since 1977, with a focus on manufacturing-led R&D, driven by our choice for businesses with high technological barriers and / or engineering intensity.

Our vision is centred on benefitting India by filling technology gaps and, in doing so, growing profitably. All of our product offerings reflect this ideology!

We aspire to be a learning organization, driven by

  • continuous search for knowledge
  • worthy intentions and
  • ethical conduct

We identify technological opportunities found at the intersections of domains, which are usually no single company's area of expertise. Taking advantage of our strengths of key market-domain knowledge and in-house technology, HBL leverages these opportunities to develop and deploy products and solutions for various demanding customers in B2B and B2G segments.

We are organized into three business groups.

  • Batteries
  • Electronics and
  • Ammunition

Our Electronics group is further organized into three businesses.

  • Railway Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics and
  • E-mobility

We take pride in our culture of teamwork, continuous learning and improving our ability to understand the specific needs of our customers to develop innovative and cost-effective products and solutions.

HBL Electronics Group is ready to add value to your company or project; we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us at contact@hblelectronics.com.