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Electric Mobility

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Electric Mobility

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation. As concerns grow for the environment and energy security, there are rapid advancements in technologies for powertrain electrification - and a new mobility ecosystem is emerging.

Historically, mobility and fossil fuels have been inextricably linked, with electric vehicles being successful only in a few niche markets. Today, however, electric mobility is entering the mass market. The need for energy security, urgency to handle urban pollution and climate change and advancements in technology are all helping to drive this transformation. It indeed appears that the “Future is Electric”.

These are exciting and disruptive times as electric and hybrid vehicles are replacing the entrenched conventional internal combustion engines with electric drive trains. HBL believes that, contrary to conventional wisdom, e-Mobility solutions can be simple, affordable and sustainable.

HBL offers mobility products and solutions at the core of the electric vehicle; innovative, energy efficient permanent magnet axial flux motors, motor control solutions, complete drive train solutions including energy storage solutions.

Full e-mobility is fast approaching, and HBL is ready to help our customers to shorten their journey with exciting innovative, cost effective solutions, and a commitment to development so that all will enjoy the benefits of e-mobility – affordable journeys, safe & quiet transportation and clean air.