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Cell Booster

In a stationary battery system there are often hundreds of cells. It is not unusual for one or two cells to display lower voltages than the average or recommended level – over time on float voltage, cells can “drift” apart. HBL’s Cell Booster is a simple charger to selectively revive low voltage cells and boost charge replacement cells before they enter service. Up to 6 Cells (Lead acid or Nickel-cadmium) can be charged at one time. Potentiometers are provided to adjust the output voltage and current to the levels required by the cells on charge.

The Cell Booster is portable for ease of use at site – powered from normal AC socket power. It is a tool that every battery service team should have available.

On-Board - HBL offers nickel cadmium batteries for service in metros and mainline passenger fleets – these batteries are the most rugged, specifically designed for safety. Offering low maintenance, long lives and trouble free operation the HBL batteries are able to retrofit the majority of US rail cars and allow rail OEM’s a cost effective solution.

Trackside – HBL has a complete range of maintenance free lead acid batteries. We offer VRLA pure lead monoblocs, and single cells optimised for railway use – and designed to be installed with minimum effort.

Our nickel cadmium batteries are ideal replacements in grade crossing protection and signalling installations – especially where high temperatures degrade lead acid batteries.