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Grid Tie Inverters

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Grid Tie Inverters

Gridlink - exports solar generated power to the grid during the day and draws power from the grid at night allowing users to energize continuous station loads such as lighting, IT network and other auxiliary loads in the switchgear.

Incorporating all the features of standard Grid Tie Inverters, HBL’s gridlink inverters offer the unique feature of supporting the solar power plant station loads during non-solar hours – and saving the operator money in doing so.

During non-solar hours, gridlink can draw power from a connected battery; it stays synchronized with the grid and supplies just enough power to energize the station loads without exporting any power to the grid. The battery is charged from solar power during the day time.

On Grid Solar Water Pump Inverter (OGSPI)/ Universal Solar Pump Controller (USPC):

Energy is required for water pumping – but that pumping effort is not required 24/7. HBL has developed and supplies an innovative inverter that will provide energy for pumping using the solar panel energy as a source – and when the pumps are not required, the energy is exported to the grid - monetizing the investment in the pumping and power generation infrastructure. This offers the added benefit of contributing in ground water conservation, optimum utilization of clean energy and enhancing the well-being of the farmers by generating profits from energy with zero carbon!

HBL’s “On-Grid Connected Solar Pump Inverter” (OGSPI) is equipped with a reliable and smart control mechanism that combines the functionality of the solar water pump inverter and On-Grid inverter for export of any excess solar power onto the grid simultaneously while meeting the water pump load requirements. When grid is unavailable the system will automatically switch over to Off-Grid mode and drives the pump during the sunny hours.