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EV Chargers

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EV Chargers

The electric vehicle revolution is here. The speed of the revolution is dictated in part by the availability of fast, convenient charging points. As the infrastructure grows, so will the attractiveness of the EV. HBL offers EV chargers and solutions that are designed to meet demanding customer requirements – for speed, reliability, flexibility and cost.

Our DC Fast Charger for electric vehicles is the latest product in HBL’s DC power systems range. We offer a combination of reliable , modular hardware with advanced connectivity options. The built in intelligent management software ensures a future-proof solution.

The DC Fast Charger is designed for fast charging of electric vehicles with capacity up to 120 kW and is OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant, offering a comprehensive solution for communication with a central system. This allows a network of charging stations to be remotely managed and facilitates a variety of payment collection methods.

Operation of the DC Fast Charger is intuitive for the vehicle owner – easy to use, clear instructions and safe. After connecting the charging cable to the vehicle, comprehensive safety protection features are automatically verified before starting the charging process. Users can stop the charging process at any time from the chargers user interface. If the batteries are fully charged, the charger stops automatically and unlocks the charging cable from the vehicle.

The owner of a fleet of DC Fast Chargers will experience trouble free revenue streams with the proven high reliability of the HBL solution – optimizing the investment. If a problem is detected, the operator can identify the problem and remotely address many issues. If service is required, HBL’s service technicians are available to solve the problem and minimize any downtime.

Ideal locations for EV charging stations are medium-stay “hot spots”:
  • Shopping centers

  • Service areas

  • Coffee shops

  • Parking lots

  • Residential complexes

  • City centers

  • Sports/exercise facilities

  • Government administrative offices

  • Corporate centres

Let HBL work with your team to optimize your customer footprint and revenue. Our systems are affordable and highly expandable – as the revolution grows, so will your business.