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HBL thrives on three convictions.

  • India can be a source of technology for India and the world
  • Technology gaps will continue to exist, as new solutions have to be found for old or new problems
  • A learning organization built on these convictions can provide challenging and fulfilling opportunities for young engineers

Work With Us

As we grow, we continuously look for talented engineers and other professionals to join us, and enrich the journey of self-fulfilment. We don’t just recruit against vacancies; we bring in the right people, whenever we come across them!

Please do get in touch with us, if you have the strong desire to know how we can benefit each other through our career opportunities. Filling this form will help us get started!

HBL is an equal-opportunity employer!

Internships @ HBL:

HBL offers paid internships to talented students in various disciplines of engineering and business management. The ideal candidates would

  • Be studying EEE, ECE, Power Electronics or Mechanical Engineering or business administration/ management.
  • Have a CGPA higher than 7 or equivalent
  • Be in their fourth year of an under-graduate degree or second year of a graduate degree
  • Be able to work on the assigned project, at HBL locations in Hyderabad, for a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 6 months

The internships are offered in R&D, Engineering, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

R&D – Innovation Matters – Think. Create. Do

We encourage collaborative R&D with educational institutes, in the domains of interest to HBL. We work with interested professors and their talented students on projects with specific focus on product development or problem solving. We also encourage academic institutes to propose projects that align with HBL’s business interests for a collaborative engagement.