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Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

Rail operations deploy expensive capital assets including rolling stock, track infrastructure, traction power, signalling and telecommunications. In order to achieve more with stretched budgets, the focus of the rail industry is often to increase capacity utilization of these assets - safely. The objective is to run more trains on the existing infrastructure, carry more passengers and freight and generate more revenue and profitability. This demands cutting edge solutions for managing rail traffic in a sustainable manner.

Running more trains, faster, on an already congested network demands a high level of safety to prevent accidents and other disruption. The railway operator needs automated systems that can anticipate potential hazards in all possible areas of train operations and prevent their occurrence - by performing vital safety functions. One such class of systems is referred to as “Automatic Train Protection” (ATP) systems. These systems have a high level of real-time situational awareness, combined with advanced algorithms to determine potential hazards, analyze and perform preventive actions.

HBL’s ATP system, developed indigenously for Indian Railways, provides not only train protection, but also collision avoidance functionality.

The train protection features include

  • On-board display of signal aspects
  • Enforcement of temporary and permanent speed restrictions
  • Prevention of Signal Passing At Danger (SPAD) and
  • Train integrity monitoring

HBL’s system is independently certified by European 3rd party auditors to SIL4 standards. It offers significant cost reduction when compared to ERTMS and other technologies – allowing railway operators to install and operate state of the art, proven railway technology on lines where the business case is unproven or marginal with more costly systems.

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