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HBL’s motor expertise has grown from developing sophisticated motors for naval propulsion systems.

HBL offers two major technologies for EV motors.

  • Radial flux Reluctance Motor and
  • Axial flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (AF-PMSM)

Radial Flux Reluctance Motor

HBL’s Reluctance Motors are designed for high reliability and cost-optimized EV applications. With or without the use of a transmission, these motors can be integrated in hybrid or pure electric drives for medium and large commercial vehicles like buses and trucks

The Reluctance motors are a little heavier but very close in performance to PMSMs, and thus, offer high value for money. They can also withstand high ambient and / or operating temperature.

Currently, three motor ratings are available. New motor designs can be quickly developed, if needed, for any large application.


HBL’s PMSMs are designed for high-performance drives, using stators and rotors of a few magnetic diameters. The PMSM offers increased efficiency with no eddy current losses. This is achieved by utilizing an iron-free stator – we do not use steel laminations.

HBL offers a wide range of motors and they are scalable due to their modular design. Motors with larger power and / or torque can be assembled by stacking stators and rotors of the most suitable available magnetic diameter, on the same shaft.

Axial flux motors can generate exceptionally high torque at low / medium speeds. The short axial length and high power density make them ideal for Hybrid Vehicles and Pure Electric Vehicles.

PMSMs offer extremely high reliability. However they also offer a “fail safe” mission critical feature - even if one inverter or one stator winding fails, the motor continues to operate and the mission is not entirely jeopardized. The vehicle is able to function until a repair can be organized. This motor will never leave you stranded.

A key advantage in EV/Hybrid design is the effort to minimize the required battery size. PMSMs require less current for a given duty from the battery. This results in reduced battery size (lower cost) for a given mission or longer mission life for a given battery (improved return on investment).

Please talk to us – we would be pleased to understand your needs and demonstrate our products and commitment in support of your vehicle or drive needs.