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DC Power Systems

Industrial Power Electronics Products

Controlled power is behind virtually every industry and commercial facility in the world – whether it is a backup for a hospital emergency room, safe operation of refineries and process industries, UPS in data centers or drives in an offshore facility – there are power supplies that ensure safe, reliable operations.

HBL is a leading supplier of customized DC systems, voltage regulators, distribution panels and battery isolation switches. We have supplied thousands of rectifiers to customers across the world. From underground railways in San Francisco to traction substations in Panama to major oil and gas installations in Abu Dhabi - we have delivered for our demanding customers.

When other companies offer “standard” systems HBL is ready to offer “your” system. We ensure that your detailed specifications are met without compromise. All of our systems are built and tested to international standards and norms – complying with IEC, UL, IEEE and NEMA requirements as applicable to the project and region. We build and test our systems in ISO9001 facilities and welcome witness testing when your contract is ready to be delivered.

HBL is prepared to develop and manufacture novel power supplies to meet your needs. If you need specific features that you have found hard to source – we are ready to engage and develop a proposal that meets your needs.

DC Power Supplies

HBL DC Power Supplies, ensures that your batteries are ready to deliver the energy needed for your critical operations. HBL has the expertise & proven track record in design, manufacture and service for all your DC power system needs. We supply highly reliable industrial grade battery chargers for wide ranging applications including Telecom, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Process Engineering and Transportation. Our expertise in battery manufacturing ensures we can characterize the charger to perfectly suit the needs of the battery and the application.

HBL thyristor based chargers come with a wide range of standard features and we offer numerous optional features to customize chargers to suit your individual application requirements. Combined with ease of installation and maintenance HBL offers you the best Total Cost of Ownership. We offer both analogue and digital battery chargers – the choice is yours. Both technologies can be customized or ordered from a standard range.