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DC Distribution Panels


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DC Distribution Panels

DC power systems are usually centrally located. A distribution system is needed to distribute the DC power safely among various load centres. DC distribution board serve this purpose.

Depending on customer’s requirement, HBL offers integrated DC distribution boards with chargers or standalone DC distribution boards. Each DCDB is equipped with several load circuits, each of which is protected by an appropriate circuit breaker. Earth leakage monitoring devices are also offered as an option. DCDBs are delivered fully equipped & pre-wired, to terminate load connections directly after installation.

DC systems need protection – and the DC distribution panel ensures that each circuit has that protection. In the event of an overload or short circuit, the panel is designed to disconnect the fault safely.

HBL panels are type tested in independent labs to give you the confidence you need that your systems will be protected. HBL’s DC distribution boards are type tested at IPH Labs, Germany per IEC 61439-1 & - 2.

Our panels perfectly match our DC systems to offer you an attractive panel array in your equipment room.