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Solar Pump Controllers

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Solar Pump Controllers

Renewable Energy

The 21st Century is witnessing a dramatic shift to the use of Renewables – and away from fossil fuels. Climate challenges are accelerating many programs. Cities need cleaner air, electric mobility is decentralizing and growing - and costs of key technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines are falling. The uptake of Renewable Energy has created a demand for power conversion equipment – distributed throughout the power grid and sometimes in “off-grid” sites. Sites, where energy is generated, stored and used locally. HBL has focused on real world challenges of energy generation and conversion at the human level. Technologies that are accessible to people and directly relevant to improving their life today.

HBL has developed a range of power conversion solutions that allow users freedom to utilize the energy generated by solar panels or wind and to save money and MAKE money in doing so.

Sujala – Water Pump Inverter –Most rural areas which lack access to grid power rely on solar water pump inverters to meet agricultural energy requirements. This ensures agricultural yield and contributes to well-being of the farmers. To enable rural farmers in developing countries to enjoy a reliable energy supply for irrigation pumping, HBL has developed a range of rugged inverters to provide energy for water pumps.

Sujala incorporates all the standard features specified by India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) guidelines. It complies to IEC 61683 standards for safety and performance, onboard a GSM based remote monitoring feature is provided, together with historical database management. This helps users and regulatory authorities to track long term system performance and reliability.

HBL’s Sujala inverters are deployed throughout India and have been supplied in various pumping projects such as RHDS & CREDA.