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Power Generation

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Power Generation

A reliable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable electricity system is the cornerstone of a modern society. Electric Power industries are undergoing widespread restructuring from the vertically integrated monopolies to competitive open markets, becoming more complex than ever before, with rapidly evolving technologies, emerging innovative business models and shifting regulatory landscapes.

Deep in the power network, batteries and charging systems have played a vital role in generation and network protection & control when outages occur. This need for DC backup remains unchanged even today. With renewable energy solutions disrupting the network architecture, the need for grid storage is growing.

HBL has the expertise & proven track record in design, manufacture and service for all your DC power system needs. We supply qualified products with long track records of reliability to your utility or power network. HBL designs, manufactures and deploys a full range of world class batteries, power systems, and services to support your business operations complying with the environmental conditions. How may we help you?